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Shenzhen Qihang Chuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. was organized in 2007, founded in 2014, and developed rapidly in 2016. QIHANG is a manufacturer of mobile phone cables and mobile phone chargers. From a small-scale team of 10 people to more than 200 people, Qihang has become an experienced consumer electronics exporter. Since the export to Europe and America , Our sales reached 100 million RMB in 2016. Start from 2020, the company's annual turnover will exceed 200 million RMB!

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The company's main business content:

QIHANG is an independent brand. it is a 3C digital consumer electronics brand registered in the Europe. Every QIHANG product will be arranged produced according to the market. For ordinary distributors, we recommend you purchase products with our brand printed ,

that will shorten your order cycle.

For OEM/ODM. We customize Logo, product appearance, performance, and other will according to customer requirements. There are graphic designers, 3D designers, electronic engineers in our company, they are all devoted to help you customize your products during the process as following: design, proofing, confirmation, production, and integrated services also according to your demand, we help customers grow their brand.

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Our company philosophy

We focus on the customer's consumption experience. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact the company's salesmen. We will attention in time and help you solve the problem. We care about the customer's evaluation of our products. Focusing on quality is our most basic principle. our goal is to make distributors sell our products without worries . Let customers have a pleasant mood throughout the process. Above all, we can’t do it without your advice. Thanks a lot.

Following, you will see the production details of our company’s USB cables and charger showed step by step. We'll show you the company's internal scene in a comprehensive way.And we will do better and better.

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The company's main business content:

QIHANG, a manufacture of USB Cable and Charger, has already been an experienced exporter of consumer electronics products for 11 years.

We have our own brand and support OEM/ODM. We has our private mold and support Design


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